Module Backup-Fsarchiver


This module provides support for creating fsarchiver backups. You must be sure the filesystems to backup won’t receive any modification during the time of the backup for it to be consistent. It means the block device must either not be used (not mounted), or you must work on a snapshot of such a device. rubackup can perform a snapshot of LVM logical volumes just before the backup in order to make consistent backup of block devices while they are in use. The fsarchiver program must be installed for it to work.


The most important argument is filesystems which is a list of filesystems as shown in the example. Each entry of the list must point to the block device for which you want to create a backup such as /dev/sda1 or /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 if you are using LVM.

If you want to make backup of LVM Logical-Volumes then you can also get rubackup to create a snapshot of it using the two optional arguments: snapshot_type and snapshot_size. The snapshot_type must be set to lvm as this is the only type of snapshot which is supported at the moment. The snapshot_size argument corresponds to the amount of space reserved for the snapshot storage. It must be big enough so all changes performed during the lifetime of the snapshot can be stored, and it must be small enough to fit in the LVM Volume Group. The LVM utilities must be installed for it to work. Naturally the snapshot will automatically be removed at the end of the backup.

You can also set optional arguments such as description, a list of files or directories to exclude in excludes and extra command arguments to pass to fsarchiver in command_opts.


Here is a full example which shows how to use this module in the configuration:

    day_of_week: Sun
    day_of_month: 1
        daily: 7
        weekly: 4
        monthly: 12
        backup_type: ModuleBackupFsarchiver
        backup_schedule: my_schedule
            description: 'Consistent backup of CentOS 7 root file system and home directory'
                - '/tmp/*'
                - '/var/tmp/*'
                - '-z8'
                - '-j6'
                - block_device: /dev/sda1
                - block_device: /dev/VolGroup00/root
                  snapshot_type: lvm
                  snapshot_size: 4096M
                - block_device: /dev/VolGroup00/home
                  snapshot_type: lvm
                  snapshot_size: 1024M
        bakfile_dir: /backup/backup-fsa
        bakfile_owner: root
        bakfile_group: root
        bakfile_mode: 0600
        bakfile_basename: system-image-centos7