Module Backup-Rsync-get


This module provides support for pulling backup for the current day from a remote server to the local disk using rsync over ssh. The remote files must have been created using rubackup or use the same naming convention in terms of basename, date and extension. The SSH public key authentication must have been configured so rsync can connect over ssh without any password prompt. You have to provide the rsync connection details using remote_host, remote_user and remote_path. This module requires rsync and ssh to be installed.

It is possible to use the command_opts argument to add extra options on the tar command line. You can also provide the name of the compression program to use (such as gzip, bzip2 or xz) the default being xz (you must not put the path).

Once the backup has been pulled using rsync, it can be encrypted and/or uploaded to a remote location using other types of modules.


Here is a full example which shows how to use this module in the configuration:

    day_of_week: Mon
    day_of_month: 1
        daily: 7
        weekly: 4
        monthly: 12
        backup_type: ModuleBackupRsyncGet
        backup_schedule: my_schedule
            remote_user: myusername
            remote_path: /backup/backup-web
            extension: .tar.xz
                - '--bwlimit=2048'
                - '--no-o'
                - '--no-g'
        bakfile_dir: /backup/backup-web
        bakfile_owner: root
        bakfile_group: root
        bakfile_mode: 0600
        bakfile_basename: webbkp-website1-tar